Lunch Menu

CPS Nutrition Support Services is excited to offer MealViewer starting school year 2022-23! This online menu service provides a quick and easy way to view our school’s daily menus.

MealViewer provides:

Convenience - Available 24/7 on the web or through our mobile app for your smartphone.
Safety – Create profiles for your students and select their allergens. Get alerts each time that allergen is on the menu! 
Fun Feedback – Let students favorite and rate certain meals so that we ensure we are serving meals they enjoy!

Signing Up is easy!

  1. Go to the mealviewer website or download the mobile app and register for a free account.
  2. Create a profile for you and your students by first selecting their school.
  3. Set up your student’s profile by selecting the appropriate allergens and let them favorite their most loved meals. Now you will receive notifications every time any of these are served

For guidance on using Mealviewer and the Mealviewer App, see the links below:

Setting Up a User Profile 
Nutritional Calculator 
MV App Walkthrough (English)
MV App Walkthrough (Spanish)

If you have any questions, contact Nutrition Support Services at